Thomas Cunningham

Thomas Cunningham is a writer/screenwriter, musician, photographer, podcaster and a proud Dog Dad. He is from NYC and currently based out of Los Angeles and Las Vegas. He’s been screenwriting for 20 years and writing and recording music since his teens. He studied photography at FIT in NYC and now divides his time between his creative work, napping and hanging out with his dogs Carlos and Boo.

You can check out his Screenplayground “What If?” Podcast, where he and his writing partner Patrick Guera take a random premise and try to make a great story out of it that’s worthy of a movie. Search Screenplayground on your favorite podcast app. or check out in the blog section.

If you’d like to reach out, links to social media are on the bottom of the page or you can email him at missinglabel at gmail. Thanks for your interest, you magnificent, beautiful sonsabitches! ❤️